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Payday was today. It's nice having money again! Work was quite boring though, so I actually ended up writing the beginning of a fanfic. :D I wanted to work on it more today, but I didn't have enough time.

I may go to bed soon. It's waaaay past my bedtime. But first, have a meme. :D


The Seven Deadly Sins Quiz on 4degreez.com


Jan. 23rd, 2007 01:42 am
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School wasn't all that bad today. Even though I have so much going on, the day goes by really quickly. It also helped that I had some granola bars and stuff to eat between classes. At least I wasn't fainting from hunger like I was last Wednesday. xD

My Comp teacher is hilarious. I think I'm going to get out of that class late every time we meet, since he likes to tell us so many anecdotes and personal stories. xD But that's fine; I love teachers that are like that. And Beal's a dad- his daughter (I think) is six weeks old. :D

Speaking of Beal, I actually spoke up in his class today. No one seemed to know much about Constantine, so I eventually piped up with the answers. xD; Still... some of the kids in my class make me go "Wut?"

I'm happy that tomorrow I only have one class, though. And this week is my Wednesday off, so that is fun too. A nice long break from work. I want to try and head over to Lane Bryant's sometime soon. They're closing the store, so they're having major sales right now. I've never been in there, but now seems like a good time to check it out. :D

I've been reading all of my Resident Evil books again; this time in chronological order, not when they were released. It's been really fun! I'm on Code Veronica, with the scary zombie on the cover. I also need to bust out "Resident Evil 4" again and try to finish it. I think I'm almost 4/5 of the way through, so I can't stop now!

I also need to find a complete copy of "Resident Evil 2" and play that. :/

Mmmm... I need to write more often. xD My inner muse is begging to be let out; which is why I need to work on my Scott x Jean fic! xD At least I have it started, and I know what's going to happen. Maybe I'll try and get some of that finished tomorrow.

I redid my LJ layout... it was having too many emergencies. So, I like this new one better (I use it for Sayuki's journal) but I'm not quite sold on the purple yet. But, I can always change it if I want to; it's not like it's set in stone.

"South Park" in Japanese is hilarious. xD Much love for Hiro and Kappei, as well as the guy who plays Cartman. "Chef-san!" "Hatto-kun!"


Jan. 19th, 2007 01:39 am
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So, our first day back at school was on Tuesday. I have Sociology Tuesdays and Thursdays, Music History II Mondays and Wednesdays, and Anthropology, Humanities and Comp Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. So, again, school every day. But I don't mind- I think I'm going to enjoy this semester a lot more than the previous ones. It's mostly stuff that I love. <3

Humanities is the one I'm going to enjoy the most, I think. Beal is as giguely as ever- even though he wants us to call him Peter, I can't think of him as anything but Beal. xD When he was passing out the syllabus yesterday, he told us that it wasn't stapled because none of the copiers on campus were working. He told us, "So, those of you who get those pages out of order and don't have all three at the end will automatically fail the class." xD Same old Beal.

My Comp teacher didn't show up yesterday. xD We were waiting for 25 minutes before Kathy finally came into the classroom and was all "You can leave- he's not coming until Friday." So, that was fun.

Sociology is going to be really interesting, I think. My teacher is very amusing, and he seems like he knows quite a bit about the subject.

Music History was a bit of a letdown, since the teacher who was going to teach it originally was replaced by another one. Even though the new teacher seems awesome, I still wanted to have Debra as a teacher. xD That would have been totally awesome.

Anthropology seems all right, too. We do a lot of group discussions and journal entries, so it seems like it's going to be an easy class. My teacher is also really nice, so that helps.

In other news, I may be getting a new car. Foxxxy broke down a few weeks ago, and we still haven't towed her to my mechanic's. But my dad's been looking around for a new car for me, and may have found one up in Cheyenne. A co-worker owns it, and she's currently looking for a buyer. He and my mom are going to go up there tomorrow to look at (and hopefully buy) it.

I'm kind of glad that school has started again. That means that I can have a legitimate excuse for not taking on so many extra hours. xD I got paid almost $200 last week, since I worked over 35 hours. Today I picked up my check for $180/32 + hours. It'll be kind of nice not working so much.

Today was also my first appointment of the new semester with Britney. It was really great to see her again; she dyed her hair red. :D We had a really nice talk; I had forgotten how wonderful it is to actually have someone listen to what you really say and mean. I'm going to continue seeing her for a while; we already have ideas about what to work on and talk about during the semester. It seems like I've been improving a lot; a lot of the things I say and think now never would have even occured to me three or four months ago. Even though some of the things I thought would work out didn't, and I was getting some mixed messages... but that's okay. *shrug* I just need to focus my energies elsewhere, if that is the case.

I didn't watch as much anime as I had hoped over the break. I was hoping to try and watch all of "Ronin Warriors" and "Escaflowne," but I didn't even get to watch one episode. xD So that was kind of a letdown, but I was just too busy for it.

Speaking of busy, I haven't heard from Jacob since the 30th. Charity said that he's gotten really caught up in his job, and hasn't had the time to come up here. At least he's stopped calling me every day... xD But now Marco texts me endlessly.

I got another review for my Iketani x Mako x Ryousuke fic, and one for a Sailor Moon fic I wrote about six years ago recently. xD That surprised me, but it was a good surprise. I want to start writing more... I think my creativity is really starting to flow, now that I'm a little happier than I was a few months ago.

Speaking of writing, I really don't feel like doing that anymore. xD If I think of anything to add, I'll update it later. Right now, I'm like this = u_u;. So, more later!


Dec. 19th, 2006 01:12 am
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So, it's less than a week to Christmas. The countdown begins... *cringes*

I don't think things at Macy*s will be all that busy, though. Luckily, I have almost all of my presents ready, except for a few that I knew I wasn't going to have in time for the holidays. So, I can always give those presents out after the holiday season is over.

So, the solstice party is tomorrow. And as always, I'm considering not going... I kind of feel like there are a few people who don't want me there, so what's the point in showing up? It would be nice to see Billy, Joe and the rest of the guys again, however. So, I don't know. I have to drive Shannon there anyway, so I may stay for a while. But we'll see.

The good thing about tomorrow is that Shannon and I are making soccer ball cookies for Ken's birthday on Saturday. <3 That's going to be a lot of fun, although I still need to buy the icing and sprinkles, as well as find a recipe for sugar cookies. I think that we have one that my great-grandmother passed down or something, so I'll see if I can find it for tomorrow.

Now that break has started, I've been trying to catch up on some movie watching. I've recently gotten into watching "Scrubs;" I even asked for the first season DVD set for Christmas. I went to a movie on the 11th ("The Holiday," with Kate Winslet and Cameron Diaz), which was fun. I haven't seen a movie in theaters since "Saw III." I watched my DVD of "Phantom of the Opera" as well, which was great. I remembered why I had seen it seven times in theaters when it first came out. I also went and rented a few DVDs at Blockbuster: "Superman Returns" and "Dear Frankie." I've been wanting to see "Dear Frankie" for a long time now, and the only rental place that had it was Blockbuster. So, when the DVD was *finally* available, I totally had to get it.

I watched "Superman Returns" first, because it was only a two day rental. It was probably a bad thing starting about one in the morning, since I fell asleep about an hour and a half into the movie. So I missed the ending completely, but from what I saw of it first was really good. Yay for James Marsden; he rocks my socks.

Now I'm in the process of watching "Dear Frankie," which is excellent so far. I'm about half an hour from the end. Gerard Butler's character makes me laugh; he's so awkward at first but then becomes so sweet. <3 The only bad thing about it is because it's a Scottish film, everyone has really thick accents. However, that really helps with the setting and the story. Frankie is a really cute kid. And Emily Mortimer, who plays his mother, also plays Young Sophie in "Howl's Moving Castle."

So, last night I went out to dinner with Jacob. It was still really awkward, especially since I was tired. He kept staring at me throughout dinner, which was very weird. He was also asking me about my dating history, because apparently Charity told him a few things. xD He also really didn't seem to be interested in many things I had to say; for example, I asked him what movies he had seen lately. He told me, and I expected him to ask me in return so we could have a nice talk about them. But he didn't. It still feels really strange with him.

Over break, I plan on writing a lot more. I need to write the following pairings for fanfics:

-Scott x Jean
-Keisuke x Sayuki
-Sayuki x Takumi

I also want to RP a lot more. It seems like Sayuki and Mako are doing a lot; the same with Hiro and Aya. I also need to work on my applications for Knight and Sailor Pluto for [Bad username or site: @ livejournal.com], as well as finish my application for Laguna for [Bad username or site: @ livejournal.com]. Both Mako and Shannon wanted me to join, so I'll give it a shot.

I'll also be working quite a bit. Since my mother is losing her job in January, I want to save up some money so I can at least help pay for some of my education. I also need to start saving up for Fanime, NDK 2007 and a computer. So many things to buy; so little money to buy them with. >_>

Oh yes, it seems like a lot of people have been crabby lately. I wonder why that is...?


Aug. 27th, 2006 01:14 am
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All right, here's the plan.

In order to put my life into perspective, I'm going to be taking notes. Every day, I'll find at least one good thing that's happened to me. Even if it's lame like "I understood what went on in class today!" or "I had a bowl of my favorite cereal earlier!" I think that will help.

I'll be making weekly posts, starting this Saturday. xD; I figured I'd go along with Foldy's schedule, since that makes things much easier. You guys can comment on them if you want; it's very appreciated. :D

Let the games begin! (o_O Why do I get the image of K saying that?)

And one more thing. Since I'm on this journey of "self-discovery," I thought I'd point out a few things I've noticed:

I love spending time with my friends (^_^ <3), writing fics about "Initial D," making sure that the people I care about are happy, eating good food, reading sarcastic romance novels, receiving hugs (:3) and finding very amusing icons on LJ.

I hate the thought of people who can't consistently fulfill their promises or don't keep their word. I mean, if you make a promise to someone, you should at least try your best to keep it, ne? Every once in a while I can understand if there's some reason why a promise was broken. However, when it happens over and over it's very unfair, hurtful and disrespectful to the other person. It's just plan rude.
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In order to try and have a creative streak, I began to write a few "RE" fanfics. I just finished one; I guess I'll post it here and see what everyone thinks of it~
This is set during "RE 3," on the trolley car with Carlos and Jill. I guess I'll put a disclaimer, in case I get in trouble. xD; Disclaimer: I don't own "Resident Evil" or its characters.

Catch me, don't let me drown... )


Jul. 9th, 2006 05:49 am
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A star falls in the grief of someone who'll never be seen again )


Jun. 9th, 2006 03:35 am
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Eeeeee. ^^

I had my first day of work as a fitting room person and let me say: IT SUCKED! e_e Since we have this 20% off coupon, everyone was trying things on like crazy. So, that meant that everyone left their crap on the floor. Or just in the fitting room, in general. Sometimes I just want to smack people. xD And I did, verbally today. Some lady was all "Excuse me, can I ask you a question?" in this really snotty voice. I was all "Okay. o_O" "This sign says it's 50% off, but this tag right here doesn't have the 50% off price. Why is that?" I had to explain to her that the reduction was taken at the register when she checked out, and that the ticket was wrong. She just didn't understand, though. e_e It's like "People! Read the damn signs! If it says "Reduction taken at register," then that means the reduction is taken at the goddamn register. xO Just because the ticket says one thing doesn't mean it's the right thing. But other than that, it was okay. I got a large dent in the fitting rooms, but we still had crap everywhere. And now I get to go there tomorrow and do it again for four hours! e_e I suck.

But, yes. We saw "The Omen" last night, and I have to say: it's total crap; please don't waste your money on it. I'm just sad that Kairi had to waste her money not only on her ticket, but on Yuki's and mine, as well. At least I got paid tonight. ^^ It was a pretty good paycheck, too. About $110. Now I can go buy my dress for Joe and Kira's wedding. I found it at Foley's, of course. It's this white sundress with flowers on it. Kairi and Yuki thought it was pretty, and it fit, so of course I have to get it. ^^

Eeee, I've been feeling pretty crappy the last few days. I think I know now how Takumi felt, when he was being fucked dryly by that snowhorse. :/ I blame it all on hormones, but I was really ready to snap last night. Add that to not eating anything all day, and you have a very cranky Maki. The stuff that I don't normally notice really made me mad. xD;;; For some reason, I got fixated on the fact that Kairi and Nic never talk to me online, unless I talk to them first. And Yuki sent me a message, but she never got mine, and so I thought that she just didn't want to talk to me. We got that sorted out, though. It was just the little things that made me mad. xD; But I think I'm over it, though. Hopefully I'll actually eat before 9 p.m. tomorrow, unlike today. e_e I was about ready to pass out during work. xD;

Well, my summer school class seems to be going pretty well. I understand most of it, and have been doing pretty well on the quizzes. I totally fuxxed up this quiz today, though. xD I think I'll be getting a 6/10 on it, which will be my lowest score yet. However, teh lowest quiz score will be dropped at the end of the semester, so I'm not too worried. I'm just a little apprehensive about the test on Monday. I know that I understand most of it; I'm just afraid that I'll panic and won't remember anything. Randy and I have been having fun, though. We've been exchanging anime, and he's getting into "Initial D," so it's fun. ^^

Hmmm... I need to finish my story. xD I have the fifth chapter almost typed up. Then I need to do my Keipon/Sayuki story and start my Scott/Jean fic. So many stories, so little time.

Hess! xD I'm tired, so I think I'm going to go. Be safe, everyone! ^^


Jun. 4th, 2006 11:03 pm
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Work sucks. o_o Especially four days in a row. xD I had to work in Kid's, Intimates and teh Home Sturre today. At the end of the night, I was very tired. But I'm so happy! There's a huge Home Sturre clearance sale going on right now, and this Bed-in-a-Bag thing I want is so cheap! It was originally $260, but we're selling it for $65. And with my coupon and employee discount... I could get it for, like, $50 or less. *drools* I think I might get it, so I can have it when I move out.

But anyway... I've been feeling kind of down lately, except it's been about the two stupidest things ever. xD So I'm not even going to dignify them by writing them down here.

Waahhh, I'm really hungee. But I have no okane. That makes me sad. And summer school's been going on; that's actually been pretty fun. I actually kind of know what we're doing, so I'm able to follow along with everything. :D So I got a 9/10 on our quiz Thursday~ I am very proud of that. It's been cool, since Randy is in my class as well. So we've been talking, and we're going to bring each other anime. I'm going to try and get him into "Initial D"- another possible convert!

Anymoo, I am kind of tired of typing on here, so I think I'll type up the conclusion to my Ryousuke/Mako/Iketani story, write another one entirely, or start my homework. :3

... So hungee!


Mar. 14th, 2006 02:18 am
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xD So, before Shannon left my house this morning, she called Kato "Keisuke." It was awesome.

And... I think I'm going to start writing my Scott x Jean fic tonight. That should be fun. ^_^

Yeah, basically I made this entry just so I could show off my new userpic. It's Gluhen(!) Aya. Mmmmm, so sexy. <3
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When I typed in the capital s for this entry, a list of words that have also been used came up. And one of them was "Stalker!" It's like "...Wtf is my sister writing about? xD;"

Anyway, I'm really happy that it's spring break! :D I can finally have a chance to start writing my Scott x Jean fic, now that I have my Sayuki x Shingo fic finished. Although, not many people on the "Initial D" part of ff.net seem to like it. But that's okay. At least people are reading it, and that's the most important thing.

So, back to spring break. I had taken a shift for Reneka today, and it was so scary! MaryAnn was following me around all day. The minute I got over to Handbags, she was all "Have you gotten a credit yet?!" I wanted to be like "...Dude, I just got here. I really don't want to be here, seeing as how I've been really mad at my family for the last few days. Give me a break, will you?!" Luckily, she got distracted by something else, so I didn't have to answer the question. But I kept seeing her everywhere! When I was straightening bags, she was staring at me. When I was behind the register, she walked over and was all "I need you to go over to Jewelry for a while." So, I did that, but she wouldn't leave me alone! ;-; MaryAnn = scary.

Luckily, I have the entire week to recover. xD And Shannon and I were bussying around for a while, and we got bored enough to drive out to Loveland. We were talking about Gideon's game and how cool he used to be. AKA, before he met Suzy and moved out to Seattle. xD;;;

Hmmm... I want to spend some more time with mah ladies! <3 I miss you two.


And play some more "Resident Evil." xD; However, I will try to refrain from thinking about those Nemesis/Jill lemons I read. Nemmy x Jill = Worst. Pairing. Ever. Well, that and the Ryousuke x Keisuke pairing. ^_^;;;
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Eeee, I'm really nervous. I wrote a Shingo x Sayuki fanfic a couple days ago, and I think it totally sucks ass. >_> I'm really good with dialogue, but no so great on details. And since I just wanted to write a sentimental Shingo x Sayuki fic, I believe that the characters are TOTALLY OOC. But it's too late to turn back now... I'm going to revise it, make a few things more clear, and then post it! Hopefully I'll get at least a few nice reviews on it. xO


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