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Back from NDK. 8D I'm going to have to make this short, since I'm tired and about ready to go to bed.

Pictures are coming. I have about 45 of them to post, so I'm definitely not getting to them tonight. But all of them turned out really great!

I had a lot of fun this weekend. The con itself was bleh; definitely not the best I've been to. However, it was nice to get away from work and school and be with my friends. It was especially nice to see some who I haven't seen since Wasabi back in March.

Okay, bedtime now. <3
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Oh man. I am so unbelievably tired. I went to bed at 10:30 last night, had trouble falling asleep, and woke up at 3 a.m. Finally got up at 5 and headed into work at 6:30, where I had a really stressful day. xD Even with that extra hour and a half, with no lunch, I still didn't get everything done that I wanted to. Although, I did finish about six days of retail today, so that was pretty awesome.

Supernatural starts officially next month! I'm very excited for season five, although I'll be down in Denver for NDK when it premieres.

Oh yeah! [Bad username or site: @ livejournal.com] and I saw this guy playing the trumpet in his car while driving today. Not only was he a retard, but he was also a douchebag. xD We tried to get a picture of it but we couldn't see the guy clearly in it.

Red vs. Blue is slowly taking over my life again. It's been nice getting back into the fandom (and actually seeing the majority of the series) after so many years of being away from it.

Also, I'm never trusting my dad and anything he says again. Ever.

I hope I don't feel so angry at people before the week is over.

303- Ouch.

Aug. 5th, 2009 10:21 pm
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Today was a pretty good day! I got a $905 paycheck, found a digital camera I liked (which came with a free 2 GB memory card) and I finished my summer school class with an A minus. :D

However, I did take a really nasty fall in the parking lot of Subway when I was on my lunch. xD My left hand has like... three Band-Aids on it to cover all of the damage. Some guys saw me eat it and were all concerned. I told them that my pride (and my poor, new cellphone) was the only thing hurt, and one of them was like "Yeah, I did the same thing earlier in the week and busted up my knee pretty badly!" At least I'm not alone in my clumsiness. Now my arms hurt like a mofo, though.

I am really tired. ._. I should start cleaning my room, though...
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Hey, friends! I need help.

I'm looking into buying a new digital camera for NDK next month, since the one I got from my sister doesn't even turn on anymore.

Does anyone know of a cheap yet good digital camera?
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I have nothing else to do until I go to work in about fifteen minutes, so I'll make a quick LJ post. I've been trying to wake up earlier than my usual time; the plan is that I'm going to try and walk/jog/whatever for an hour before work, since that's really the only time I can do it. I think that the exercise will be good for me; my boss works out before she comes to work and she's always chipper. xD

I've been so unmotivated about exercising, though. At least I haven't gained any weight back, and I went down a size in clothes. :D Still at 12 pounds lost, which is really great. I think I'd be more eager to do something, if I had an iPod or some other kind of music player that I can use while I do it. However, money's been really tight lately. I think I'm going to have a little bit left over when I get paid on the 5th... but that's going towards pre-reg for NDK, the rest of my stuff for Setsuka and hopefully Maria, and things I need like food and gas.

I'm also considering just canceling the cable that we have. :| I think that I can count how many times I've actually watched TV with my fingers and still have a few left over. I don't really believe that I should keep paying for something that I'm not using, and it'd be an extra $10 a month that I'd save. I guess that I should talk to [Bad username or site: @ livejournal.com] and see if she'd mind paying for it, since she watches TV the most out of the three of us. But, since her sister's here, I don't really want to talk to her about money stuff until her family leaves.

On a brighter note, school is almost done with! I've gotten straight B's so far, and I'm really proud of myself. Class technically ends on the 6th, but if we pass the final project on the 4th, we don't need to take the final exam. x3 And then I get a small break before school starts for me again on the 25th. It won't be as bad, since I decided to drop Astronomy. I'm only taking three classes, and one of them ends on October 8th.

Work has also been going better. I've gotten a little more used to working at the front again, even though we get some really weird calls. xD Bobbie's getting surgery on August 20th, though. So I'll be working the front desk full-time until she hopefully comes back on the 31st. That'll be interesting, needless to say.

I've been feeling really irrationally angry lately. Maybe it's because I don't get as much sleep as I need. But either way, every day I wind up feeling so angry all the time. xD I really hope that goes away soon...

Bawww. I guess that I had better get to work now.


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