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Does anyone else think it's weird that you can receive CPR training online? I keep seeing ads for it when I go to log in to LJ. I don't think I'd trust anyone who got his/her training online to give me CPR. xD

Work needs to stop being a bitch. This week has been so horrible.

There is going to be a Krieg listening party at a club in Denver on the 26th. It sounds like fun! I really want to go. :< Too bad I probably won't be able to.

And finally, I am so tired of snow. Give us spring and let us keep it, damn it.

Bleh, guess I should go ahead and take a shower, seeing as how I'm up already.
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That class is over and done with as of tonight! :D It was quite an interesting class, overall. But the almost 3 hour period was brutal at times.

So, that down, and Art History to go. That, however, should be done with tomorrow.

According to weather.com, it's 2 degrees out but it feels like -13. I can believe it. :|
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Or is it the other way around? I can't really tell anymore. xD

So, it's been a while since I updated this thing! Halloween came and went without incident, and now we're into November!

October ended with an almost blizzard, Tina is broken again (sob), and November's actually been pretty good so far. We're having summer weather; today was up to about 73 or 75, and tomorrow is supposed to be even warmer. That's good, seeing as how tomorrow is my birthday and I want to have lovely weather to enjoy it in! :D

I went to see Rob Thomas in concert with my dad on the 27th, and I must say I'm very impressed. The guy played nearly two hours straight, and was engaging and funny while he was doing it. I have so much more respect for him and the other bands that played with him.

Speaking of concerts, I'm going down to Boulder tomorrow to see Regina Spektor with my little sister. Hopefully that will be a good show!

All right, time to go do some girly things and get ready for my birthday dinner tonight, and enjoy my second viewing of the episode of Supernatural that was on last night.
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Oh, Colorado. xD You have such crazy weather. Yesterday, before the concert the weather was beautiful. Sunny, warm... if I had to guess, I'd say it was around 60 or 65 degrees. When we were standing in line for the doors of the Gothic to open, it was getting a little chilly on account of the breeze. When we got out of the show... goddamn was it cold. xD It had been (and still was) snowing in Fort Collins, so we got to drive home in the first snow of the season. It only just stopped snowing a short while ago.

I heard someone say once that Colorado is great because you can experience all four seasons in a matter of a few days to a week. How very true.

But anyway. Last night was the KMFDM concert. :D I'm putting the events of the night under a cut, since I think it's going to be really long.

Best Friday ever? )
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So, I saw the Dragonball movie last night with a few of my friends. xD It actually wasn't as bad as I had expected it to be! I really liked Bulma (who was played by Emmy Rossum... wtf) and Yamcha. Goku was pretty bad, and I was definitely amused to see Chow-Yun Fat as Master Roshi. I probably won't own it, but I'd likely see it again if I had the chance. The new Harry Potter trailer was also playing before the movie, and that was awesome. I can't wait for July. x3

Tonight, Shannon, Jason, Joe and I are also going to this concert called Video Games Live. The Fort Collins Symphony Orchestra is going to be performing orchestral pieces from different video games. That is going to be so kickass! I hope that they something from the Resident Evil series, but something tells me that's not going to happen.

The weather here has been so odd lately. It was nice for the first half of the week, until Thursday. It started raining this really cold rain, and by Friday it had turned into this really weird slushy rain/snow. That stopped yesterday, but it was still really cold and wet. Today, it's all sunshine and warmth. Wtf, Colorado weather? xD

I bought a few new books yesterday. I finished one, and am about a third of the way through my other one. However, I can't read any more of it until I get through Parakiss and work on my Arashi application for [livejournal.com profile] clairbourn. xo Ana and I have been talking about RP business, and that's really helping me get my spark back for roleplaying.

I'm hungry. I should go get some food and then work on that, before we leave for the concert.


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