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Hi, everyone! My name's Maki, and I am working on my associate's degree, before transferring to a four-year university. I like talking with friends, watching movies and anime, reading, playing video games and listening to music. If you want to friend me, please feel free to do so! I always enjoy meeting other people. :D

My friends mean the world to me. They are definitely one thing that I feel like I am blessed with. So, thank you very much to all those that consider me a friend. <3

The title and subtitle for my journal were taken from the song "Fait Accompli," by KMFDM.

Credit to fiorieart for the Final Fantasy VIII moodtheme, and lidi for the Supernatural moodtheme! :D

I am the maintainer at initiald_rating. (RESURRECTED JULY 13, 2008!)

I claimed Takahashi Keisuke at anime_names

Red vs. Blue is team killing love
Made by xochristy

Chris/Jill is love.

by meeraku

Murrue and Mwu still is love.

By mirai_noah

By baka_bunnies

By baka_bunnies

Oct 23rd - Nov 21st

Oct 23rd - Nov 21st

Aug 23rd - Sep 22nd

Aug 23rd - Sep 22nd

I was stamped as Asami-sensei in weiss_rating

I was stamped as part of Crashers in weiss_rating

I was stamped as part of a Ken x Omi pairing in weiss_rating

I was stamped as Ssigh in seed_mirror

I was stamped as Ishida in bleach_rating

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