Dec. 27th, 2010 07:43 am
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Wow. Hi there, LJ. Been a while. Over 2 1/2 months since I last posted anything on here.

A lot of stuff has happened since October 12th. I finished up all of the classes I need to get my AA, though I'm technically graduating in the spring. My birthday came and went in November, which was fun. Thanksgiving was also a nice time. December 3rd happened, along with December 8th. [livejournal.com profile] hyper_amychao's birthday, the Solstice Party, and Christmas also happened.

My birthday was a lot of fun this year. A bunch of my friends ended up going to the Denver Museum of Nature and Science, then Pappadeaux for dinner. There ended up being about 12 of us altogether, so it was quite a big group. My sister's birthday was also on October 30th, so I ended up going to the party she had. I met her boyfriend for the first time, and a bunch of her friends from school.

[livejournal.com profile] hyper_amychao had her birthday on December 5th, which ended up being a lot more relaxed than mine. A few of us went to Old C's and had dinner, just chilling for the majority of it.

Christmas was nice this year. My dad, sister and I ended up going out to Brush Christmas Day, which was the first time I'd been back there since my grandmother passed away four or five years ago. The Solstice party was also a good time; we ended up watching really bad movies and having large amounts of Puppy Chow. <3

Nothing really notable in my acquisitions this year, but I did get a lot of books and movies. I also got some snow boots from my dad, which will come in handy when we do actually get snow here.

Okay, must get ready for work.
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Chocolate, no question. xD While I can't live without my mobile phone, I'd definitely be okay if I didn't have chocolate again for the rest of my life.

Still in the process of moving. I'm pretty far along in it, though. The only things left in my room are the pieces of furniture I'm going to donate or try and sell. On Sunday, my dad and I moved pretty much everything else in my room, and some of the stuff in the living room, to my brand new storage unit. Of course, I wanted to be completely moved out by now, but... hey. At least I'm farther along than I had expected.

In other news, I'm sick again. Wtfuck. I started feeling bad on Sunday, and I don't think moving furniture all day helped any. I left work early yesterday to try and rest for a bit; I'm so glad that I have an awesome and understanding boss. <3

I also went to see The Princess and the Frog with [Bad username or site: @ livejournal.com] Tuesday night. It was just as cute the second time! I already want to see it again. Maybe I will, after I finish getting everything moved. :|

When I went to go pick up [Bad username or site: @ livejournal.com] for the movie, her brother had his gift for me. I wasn't expecting anything from him, so it was quite the surprise! According to her, he was all nervous and stuff about me coming over and worried about his appearance. xD Little things like that make me believe that I still could have a chance with him, if he ever becomes single again. Of course, I'm probably just dreaming, but... it's nice to know that I can still have a romantic interest in someone, especially after all of these years.

Since I probably won't update again until after Christmas, happy holidays to those who celebrate it! It started snowing in Colorado last night and didn't let up until about five or six hours ago, so we're going to enjoy a white Christmas this year.

Thanks to [Bad username or site: @ livejournal.com] for the lovely sign!
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Today was really productive!

I hung out with [Bad username or site: @ livejournal.com] after I finished work. :D After grabbing dinner at Noodles, we hit a few places to find some holiday gifts. I got my sister one of the things I was hoping to get her, so I can almost cross her off my list.

I've also been busy packing. My room is completely packed, save my clothes and alarm clock... things like that. Now I need to start on the living room, which I'm not looking forward to.

I'm planning on seeing The Princess and the Frog tomorrow, which I'm excited for. :D I've been waiting months for it to come out. Then on Saturday I'm taking Doodles to the vet, finishing up holiday shopping (hopefully) and seeing Fug's stupid band play. On Sunday is the Solstice party.

I don't know how my weekends keep getting so busy.
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So, I went and took Doodles to the vet today. She needed to have a vaccination, a general exam and a fecal test. She seems to be fine for the most part, but she does have an eye AND ear(s) infection. Poor baby. It's bad enough having one; I can't imagine having an infection in both my ears and my eye at the same time. Giving her the medicine for this is incredibly painful for all parties involved, and she's totally mad at both me and [Bad username or site: @ livejournal.com] right now. xD

Because of the extra medication and stuff, the bill for her visit ended up being almost $160. And I have to take her back in two weeks so they can make sure she's doing okay. :| Having a pet isn't cheap, man.

Speaking of money, I was productive and did more of my holiday shopping! I finished up my mother, Ana, and Nic, and started on Gerardo. So, that just leaves him, my dad, my sister, Shannon, Joe, Kira, and my Secret Santa to shop for. :D I'm definitely proud of myself. We'll see how much money I have left after I finish everything, though.

Oh, that reminds me! [Bad username or site: @ livejournal.com], I went ahead and authorized the transfer yesterday, I think... either yesterday or Thursday. According to PayPal, I should have the money in there by the 7th. So, I'll transfer it as soon as it shows up, okay? <3

It's been a long day, so I think it's bedtime.
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And of course, by my title, I am talking about school. My Art History class wrapped up the lecture portion before the break started, so for the next few days we're watching a documentary called The Rape of Europa. This documentary is about Nazi Germany and how Hitler (who was an artist himself) planned his army invasions around countries that had art he wanted to steal and add to his own collection. I think it's fascinating so far, so I'm looking forward to finishing that up on Thursday. Next Tuesday is review day for our test, and on Thursday is the test itself. After that, I think I'm done with that class!

I've actually really enjoyed this class; much more than I had expected to, anyway. It was nice not having to simply memorize artist names and paintings. We got to talk about the culture and politics and stuff that related to the pieces we were studying. Too bad Art History II isn't like this class.

Well, before we went on break, my paper for Art History was due. Being the procrastinator I am, I wrote it a few hours before the class and just BS-ed my way through it. xD We got our grades back today, and I ended up receiving a 95/100 on the paper. Either I'm a better writer/bullshitter than I thought, or my teacher was just going easy on us. Now I just have to do my paper for Comparative Religions, which is due tomorrow. 8D;

The break itself was nice. It felt good to have a three day work week without me having to leave early and go to school. Thanksgiving was kind of meh... my family's never been good at dinners like that, especially with my sister's "holier than thou" attitude. I think everything would have been much better if she had chosen not to come, but... oh well. It is what it is. xD

It's kind of crazy to think it's December already. Which means... time to move. As much as I hate to move, I'll be glad to get out of this smelly apartment. According to [Bad username or site: @ livejournal.com], the people at Drake Manor did a showing of our apartment this morning without letting either one of us know about it first. She was actually still sleeping, and woke up when the woman doing the showing opened up her door to show off her room. :| While I'm pissed that they didn't even let us know they were doing that, according to our lease they don't need our permission. They can try to contact us, but if that doesn't work... Well. Obviously it's not going to stop them.

I already took one bookcase full of books back over to my parent's house, but I have the rest of my room and the apartment to pack up. Hopefully it won't be too long.

Before I go, if anyone wants a holiday card from me, let me know in the comments! :D I'll get your address from you later.

Alright, time to go work on my paper.
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A late Merry Christmas/Happy Yule/whatever you celebrate to everyone out there! :D

Christmas actually wasn't too bad for me this year. I ended up being the one with the most presents in my family, so that was kind of weird. Some of the big things I got are:

-A new DVD/VCR combo for the basement
-An mp3 player
-A portable DVD player
-Work pants and jeans
-The newest Evanescence CD
-Some random things from my sister (like a Build Your Own Stonehenge kit xD)

After we opened up presents we went and had dinner at my uncle's house, where we got even more gifts. :D I got a lot of money from my relatives, an I.Q. game, and a huge bag of stuff from my grandma. xD I swear, she puts the weirdest things in there (like pot holders and napkins o_o). But all in all, it was really fun.

And I actually drank a little bit of alcohol while I was there. :0 I had a little bit of a wine cooler plus Sprite. It was okay... kind of weird tasting. It made me REALLY tired, though. So I came home at around 6 and crashed until 8:30 or 9:00.

But, yes. Partying with my co-workers tomorrow~! That will be fun. And I think I'm set on gift cards for a while. xD My parents gave me one to Best Buy and one to Barnes and Noble. So, now I have 3 gift cards for the bookstore. <3

So, I hope everyone was safe and had a lot of fun today~! ^_^
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So, the Solstice party was last night.

I must say, I had quite a lot of fun. xD I'm really happy that I went, and I had a blast watching movies and hanging out with everyone. I was very happy to see Ana, Nic, Billy, and everyone else again. I haven't seen them in quite a while (damn work >_<). "Clerks II" was very amusing, so I'll have to see "Clerks" some time in the near future. "Interstate 60" was excellent as always. It's one of those movies that gets better every time you see it. I hope that those who hadn't seen it before last night (which were only Billy and Chris, I believe) enjoyed it a lot.

And when everyone was passing out gifts, I was surprised that I got quite a few. I was expecting one from Nic and Ana, but not from Billy, Andrew, Chris, Joe and Kira. xD; I thought that I wasn't going to get anything, which would have been totally fine. The group is far too generous (especially Billy O_O). <3 <3 <3 So I'll get them all gifts soon... I just need to get the funds for it.

But, yes. Party = good. Not having to work because of the blizzard and getting paid for it = very, very good. I may not have to work tomorrow, as well. ^_^

On another note, Jacob called me last night and wanted to know if I had any plans for New Year's Eve. I'm already working 2:00 to 6:00 that day, and I think that the girls and I are going to do something for New Year's Eve (right, you two? ^_^), at least for a little while. If not, then I may go spend it with him... but I don't know yet. xD We shall see.


Dec. 19th, 2006 01:12 am
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So, it's less than a week to Christmas. The countdown begins... *cringes*

I don't think things at Macy*s will be all that busy, though. Luckily, I have almost all of my presents ready, except for a few that I knew I wasn't going to have in time for the holidays. So, I can always give those presents out after the holiday season is over.

So, the solstice party is tomorrow. And as always, I'm considering not going... I kind of feel like there are a few people who don't want me there, so what's the point in showing up? It would be nice to see Billy, Joe and the rest of the guys again, however. So, I don't know. I have to drive Shannon there anyway, so I may stay for a while. But we'll see.

The good thing about tomorrow is that Shannon and I are making soccer ball cookies for Ken's birthday on Saturday. <3 That's going to be a lot of fun, although I still need to buy the icing and sprinkles, as well as find a recipe for sugar cookies. I think that we have one that my great-grandmother passed down or something, so I'll see if I can find it for tomorrow.

Now that break has started, I've been trying to catch up on some movie watching. I've recently gotten into watching "Scrubs;" I even asked for the first season DVD set for Christmas. I went to a movie on the 11th ("The Holiday," with Kate Winslet and Cameron Diaz), which was fun. I haven't seen a movie in theaters since "Saw III." I watched my DVD of "Phantom of the Opera" as well, which was great. I remembered why I had seen it seven times in theaters when it first came out. I also went and rented a few DVDs at Blockbuster: "Superman Returns" and "Dear Frankie." I've been wanting to see "Dear Frankie" for a long time now, and the only rental place that had it was Blockbuster. So, when the DVD was *finally* available, I totally had to get it.

I watched "Superman Returns" first, because it was only a two day rental. It was probably a bad thing starting about one in the morning, since I fell asleep about an hour and a half into the movie. So I missed the ending completely, but from what I saw of it first was really good. Yay for James Marsden; he rocks my socks.

Now I'm in the process of watching "Dear Frankie," which is excellent so far. I'm about half an hour from the end. Gerard Butler's character makes me laugh; he's so awkward at first but then becomes so sweet. <3 The only bad thing about it is because it's a Scottish film, everyone has really thick accents. However, that really helps with the setting and the story. Frankie is a really cute kid. And Emily Mortimer, who plays his mother, also plays Young Sophie in "Howl's Moving Castle."

So, last night I went out to dinner with Jacob. It was still really awkward, especially since I was tired. He kept staring at me throughout dinner, which was very weird. He was also asking me about my dating history, because apparently Charity told him a few things. xD He also really didn't seem to be interested in many things I had to say; for example, I asked him what movies he had seen lately. He told me, and I expected him to ask me in return so we could have a nice talk about them. But he didn't. It still feels really strange with him.

Over break, I plan on writing a lot more. I need to write the following pairings for fanfics:

-Scott x Jean
-Keisuke x Sayuki
-Sayuki x Takumi

I also want to RP a lot more. It seems like Sayuki and Mako are doing a lot; the same with Hiro and Aya. I also need to work on my applications for Knight and Sailor Pluto for [Bad username or site: @ livejournal.com], as well as finish my application for Laguna for [Bad username or site: @ livejournal.com]. Both Mako and Shannon wanted me to join, so I'll give it a shot.

I'll also be working quite a bit. Since my mother is losing her job in January, I want to save up some money so I can at least help pay for some of my education. I also need to start saving up for Fanime, NDK 2007 and a computer. So many things to buy; so little money to buy them with. >_>

Oh yes, it seems like a lot of people have been crabby lately. I wonder why that is...?
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Stolen from [Bad username or site: @ livejournal.com], of course!

O little town of Bethlehem,
How still we see thee lie.
Above thy deep and dreamless JupiterHalo
The silent stars go by.

O Little Town Of Bethlehem
from the Christmas Song Generator.

Get your own song :

xD;;;; ...Yeah. I really don't know how to feel about that.


Dec. 4th, 2006 06:42 pm
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Damn Sexuality. Damn paper. ~_~

I've lost my groove. For some reason, my paper just isn't coming out right... my writing feels awkward and I can't think of what I want it to say. I only have about a page and a half written, and it's due tomorrow afternoon.

*spazzes* I'll just be happy when this semester is over and done with on Friday. I don't give a damn about my grades anymore; I just want to rest. And go Christmas/Solstice shopping. And I want to bake some cookies. :0 Just do some fun things... those are nice.

*sigh* Well, back to the paper from hell. :< Hopefully I can get five pages written by tomorrow. On a brighter note, Jacob should be calling me tonight! So, that should make me feel less apprehensive.

102- Break

Nov. 18th, 2006 03:10 am
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:0!!!!!!!!! *screams*


And I'll be spending it at Macy*s... xD; Got some extra hours for those days that I'm not working, so that will be fun.

Le sigh. I feel very, very, tired. e_e;
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So, the party at Charity's on Saturday wasn't all that bad. I had a lot of fun meeting her husband and their friends, all of whom are very amusing. xD

I got to wear my pretty costume, which was fun. :D And I also got to pair my new boots with it, which is even better. The boots started hurting my feet after a while, though.

Charity is an excellent cook and hostess, though. O_O She made this pumpkin bread that was shaped into roses, and it was AWESOME. There was also delicious spice cider. e_e;;; I hung around the food table for most of the night, LoL.

Julie eventually showed up to the party. She looked so awesome in her costume! :D I was happy that she came, especially since she initially had reservations about going. Her costume was fabulous.

Anyway, I met this guy at the party. We talked a lot throughout the entire evening, mostly about movies and such. xD; Apparently, he liked my socializing skills because he wanted my number and e-mail address at the end of the night. So we're going to hang out sometime soon, I think. It's tough, because he lives in southwest Denver, and I'd hate to inconvenience him by making him drive all the way up here. He kissed my hand as we were leaving; I thought that was kind of charming. :D

Speaking of, I still need to e-mail him.

I still don't know whether I want to go to Joe's party or not. It'd be nice to see the gang. But I don't know. Maybe I'll see if I can get some extra hours at Macy*s or something.


Jul. 9th, 2006 05:49 am
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