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Not a lot has been going on lately! Just school and work, for the most part. xD Oh, and trying to get ready for Wasabi, which is next week. Craaaazy. It'll be nice to get away from Fort Collins for a while, even though I'm not too excited about the convention itself. Since I never do anything related to the con anyway, it's just a chance for me to do what I feel like. I am looking forward to seeing the band play, though. That'll probably be the highlight of the weekend.

I'm trying not to sweat the small stuff. I think I've been letting too many small things bother me lately, and it's had an impact on my health, especially my sleep. I read something yesterday and it made me ridiculously happy. xD Kind of sad that the little things can do that, but... well, I think that I just need to take those feelings when I get them, since I don't get them too often.

Oh, yeah. I think it's sad that in order to get up at 6:45, I need to wake up at 5:00. Which is what I did this morning. Sob.

So, on to the fandom notes! xD

The CW has chosen to renew Supernatural for another season, which will be the last one. Of course, I'm happy that we fans get another season, as I'm not ready to part with the show yet. But, really... where can you go after this season ends? Especially if the writers aren't going to stretch the apocalypse out into season six? I've heard that they want to go back to the feel and style of season one. But, I personally think that would be kind of a letdown after the epic!storylines we've had for the last few seasons. Oh well. I'll watch the beginning of season six and decide from there.

Resident Evil. Oh man, I spend way too much money for this game franchise. xD First, I needed to buy a wireless adapter for my 360, since I couldn't connect the Ethernet cable to the modem/router. That cost $100.00 alone. Then I had to buy a gold membership for my 360 account, and 1000 points to download the new content that was released. So, that's another $21.00 right there. But it was so worth it. To me, the story of Resident Evil is the story of Chris and Jill, so I was happy to play as them again. More new content should be coming out soon, which will be awesome. And "Lost in Nightmares" had the Itchy Tasty file! xD A truncated version, yes, but... still. So awesome.

I think that's everything. Time to go take a shower and get ready for work.

320- Wow.

Oct. 12th, 2009 11:27 pm
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You know, I think this is the most I've updated my LJ in a week's time... ever. Kind of awesome! But also kind of peyote.

Man. I've done almost nothing since I got home. xD Here's been my day, in review:

I worked a nine hour shift today (it was Payables day today). I got everything done, but it took fricking forever. Man, I hate Payables day. At least it only comes once a month.

After work, I went and got dinner, then ate it while I watched some episodes of Supernatural. I was planning on taking a nap and then starting the homework I need to do after that.

I got the nap in, and I've been looking at my Accounting homework since about 8:00 p.m. Is it done? No. Has it even been started? ...No.

I did do one productive thing, though. I finished tagging all of the entries in my LJ. xD Looking back through some of them makes me cringe. I don't like the person I used to be, and I wonder if I'm still that person. I think that, if I had the chance, I would go back and change things. Decisions, people, events... I think that I would try to do things differently.

Homework time now, I think. Or maybe a shower first.

And lastly, a Halloween meme! :D

My Halloween party! )
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This was taken from [Bad username or site: @ livejournal.com]!


♠ list your top seven ships/pairings

♠ put all of them in order of your love for them

♠ name their fandom

♠ supply photos for said people

♠ tag seven people

Click! You know you want to~ )

And I tag... whomever wants to do this. :D

Anyway! Not too much has been going on lately. Work has been slow, although I spent most of yesterday morning fixing Bobbie's mistakes from Friday. The RP front is slowly starting to get busy... I'm working on my app for [Bad username or site: @ livejournal.com], and I'm going to reserve a character for Salkia when I get finished with my Shadow app. I don't have to worry about [Bad username or site: @ livejournal.com] anymore, even though that makes me feel kind of depressed. I still want to RP Arashi somewhere; I just need to find a game that seems right for him.

I got talked into seeing the Star Trek movie by Shannon. xD While I'm not a fan of the show or anything, I'll just take it as it is.

Hmmm... I thought that I had more to update about, but I guess not. Oh! Except for Supernatural. The season finale was awesome, although not as epic as I had imagined it. This next season should be great. :D Speaking of, much love for my new Supernatural moodtheme.
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My username comes from the pen name I thought up when I first started writing fanfiction and things online. It comes from one of my favorite Sailor Senshi (Jupiter) with my favorite Ronin Warrior (Halo). I've been using this name for pretty much everything since I was in the 7th grade. xD

Anyway, Jessie and I went to have a few drinks tonight at Elliot's, which was fun. I had my usual Very Foo Foo, and then something called a Tahitian Fantasy or something like that. It was made with rum, orange juice and pineapples, so it was very delicious. <3 It was cool hanging out with her and talking, since we've rarely gotten the chance to do that since she moved here. :D I hope that we can do it more often.

I've been rewatching Young Hercules over the past week, and I forgot just what an awesome show it is. xD While it has its corny moments, it has reaffirmed my love for Ryan Gosling (as seen in my new icon).

I'm also quite excited for March. Watchmen comes out next Friday, and I am so eager to see JDM sex up the screen. @o@ It's going to be an awesome movie. And Resident Evil 5 is released on Friday the 13th! This is probably the first game I've really anticipated coming out. Not to mention that Capcom has a totally wicked viral campaign for the game, including live-action trailers/short movies. The guy who plays Chris in these live-action promotions is so sexy. I would totally be all over him, if I ever met him or someone like him in real life. xDD

Speaking of men, they are such freaks. At least most of the ones around here... >_>;

I'm glad that I'm feeling a bit more like myself. I've been a bit unhappy for the last few days, but today I was able to mellow out a bit and have a mostly good day. I haven't been sleeping very well lately, which has probably added to it. In fact, I stayed up until 2:30/3 last night because I couldn't sleep. So, hopefully my mood swing (or whatever it is) will go away during the weekend.

I'm sad that my dad and I aren't going to lunch tomorrow, but we can always catch up next Friday. :D

Okay, it should probably be bedtime now... or an attempted bedtime.

Edit: I totally forgot two more reasons why March is going to rock! Firstly, Supernatural is going to come back with new episodes on March 12th! @o@ Dean torturing people! Sam using his powers... again! More Ruby! To the last one I say, "Ewwwww..." xD

And secondly, Sonic and the Black Knight is released! Shadow in armor, with a sword, as Sir Lancelot... that's probably going to be one of the most awesome things I've ever seen. Too bad Amy isn't Guinevere, as that would totally make me support one of my OTPs even more. xD
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Okay! So.

It turns out that it's not going to take $1100 to fix my car. Oh no. My mechanic kept finding things wrong with it (like replacing the radiator since it leaks, as well as replacing the serpentine belt EVEN THOUGH I JUST GOT THAT REPLACED IN EARLY MAY). So... my grand total is like... $1711 or something like that. Thanks a lot, Jiffy Lube, for selling me a bad serpentine belt when I went to go get my oil changed in May. xD;

Well, I have most of my stuff moved back already. It's currently sitting out in the garage, waiting for the day when my dad and I can move things around in my new/old room and make room for all of my stuff. The only things I need to grab from Loveland now are all of my shoes, bedding and blankets. My dad and I definitely worked our asses off trying to get mostly everything back in one trip.

At least I finally get to be away from work and FoCo and all that for a few days~ Hopefully the cherry blossom festival is fun! I'm excited to go to Boondocks and Dave and Busters, too. [Bad username or site: @ livejournal.com]! We will finally get our race in the Ini D game. T_T

Oh! [Bad username or site: @ livejournal.com]! I mailed out those books for you today! :D The guy said it will take 2-3 days to get to you~ So... probably by Wednesday you'll have them.

And the first season of Supernatural arrived for me today! I watched an episode while I was folding my laundry. xD Good times, good times.


Edit: Awesome! I just got a Salmon IM. xD First time in a while, too. The name ControlledSalmon made me LoL.
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First off, the meme! )

So anyway! Diane, the lady that I do jobsharing with, is on vacation this week. Her son is graduating from boot camp in California, so I'm working a full week while she is gone. It hasn't been too bad yet! Monday was a pain, though, since I had no work at all to do. x_x The only bad thing about being at the front desk for that long is that I run out of stuff to do rather quickly, and I can't read a book or surf the internet. At least I had enough to do today (I even saved work for myself tomorrow).

And in other news, Tina broke down. xD; Again. Luckily, this is only the second time she's done that, so I really can't complain. It's not like with Foxxxy, who was breaking down every other day (or so it seemed). Tina's water pump is apparently broken, and my dad said that he could fix it. I am really scared as to what he can do to screw up my car, but I really don't have a choice. It's not like I have the money to take her to a mechanic. So I'll see what my dad does, and if he screws up royally, then I'll just have to find the money from somewhere.

I'm really liking Supernatural at the moment! It's by the same guys who did Miracles, so I can understand now why there are a lot of crossovers between the two shows. I just wish that Miracles had the chance to go into 3+ full seasons, instead of having only 13 episodes... but oh well. I saw the first eight episodes of the first season over the weekend, and I think I'm going to try and get the next few discs for the coming weekend.

I also saw Sex and the City last night. I think I'm way too cynical for that kind of movie. xD
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