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So, my weekend hasn't even really been a weekend. xD Since I didn't get caught up during the week, even with Shannon's help, I went in yesterday and today to try and accomplish more stuff. And while I'm still not done, at least I'm in a good spot! All of the retail has been entered up to the 14th, so I just need to check it. That's definitely easier than entering the retail. While I'm still going to have to come in early tomorrow, at least I'm in a better place than I was.

And omg, I just had the most delicious piece of cake ever. xD I went to Genoa for lunch, after checking out NewWestFest (which totally sucked). I got a pizza bagel (which reminded me of my high school days...) and this piece of cinnamon cake. O.M.G. The cinnamon cake thing was excellent.

I just want to take it easy the rest of the day, but I know that I still have to try and find some new flats for work. >_> Ugh, I guess I should go do that...


Feb. 17th, 2007 10:33 pm
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Wheee, Jacob read my card and sent me a nice e-mail about it. :D

That makes me very happy; I sent him one back. Hopefully we can start talking again.


I had my first accident with Tina-chan tonight! :0 Some guy rear-ended me at Harmony and Shields. But it seems like Tina-chan has an indestructible bumper like Foxxxy, because she doesn't even have a scratch on her (at least none that I could see). So I sent him merrily on his way...

And since I got hungry, I went to McDonald's for some nugs. Is it bad when the McDonald's guy that hits on you knows your order and what your car looks like? :/

And while I was waiting for my nugs, I saw some cop pull a guy over for absolutely no reason. Wtf.

And I've got to stop going to Barnes and Noble... xD; I bought two more books today. "Platinum Garden" volume 3 and "FAKE" volume 1, and I had them order "Angel Sanctuary" volume 1 for me. It's so tempting, I just can't resist... ;o;


Sep. 2nd, 2006 10:27 pm
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Okay, homeslices and homecubes. Here it is. I don't think anything else noteworthy will happen tonight, so I decided to post this early.

List 001 )


Aug. 27th, 2006 01:14 am
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All right, here's the plan.

In order to put my life into perspective, I'm going to be taking notes. Every day, I'll find at least one good thing that's happened to me. Even if it's lame like "I understood what went on in class today!" or "I had a bowl of my favorite cereal earlier!" I think that will help.

I'll be making weekly posts, starting this Saturday. xD; I figured I'd go along with Foldy's schedule, since that makes things much easier. You guys can comment on them if you want; it's very appreciated. :D

Let the games begin! (o_O Why do I get the image of K saying that?)

And one more thing. Since I'm on this journey of "self-discovery," I thought I'd point out a few things I've noticed:

I love spending time with my friends (^_^ <3), writing fics about "Initial D," making sure that the people I care about are happy, eating good food, reading sarcastic romance novels, receiving hugs (:3) and finding very amusing icons on LJ.

I hate the thought of people who can't consistently fulfill their promises or don't keep their word. I mean, if you make a promise to someone, you should at least try your best to keep it, ne? Every once in a while I can understand if there's some reason why a promise was broken. However, when it happens over and over it's very unfair, hurtful and disrespectful to the other person. It's just plan rude.


Jun. 10th, 2006 02:17 am
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Ssss, I'm feeling tired. xD

Today was pretty fun. Got up at 12:20, because I didn't have school. Met with Shannon at about 12:30 to 12:40, so we could go eat lunch and bust on over to Foldy's. We ate lunch at Tres Margaritas, which was delicious. ^^ The chips were especially good today. After that, we went over to get my dress. I <3 it a lot. It was a lot more expensive this week, though. When I checked last week, it was about $45. However, when I went to buy it, it turned out to be $55 after the 20% off coupon. So, it came to be around $60. xD My $110 paycheck is down to, like, $25.

After we left Foldy's, we went by Norlarco for a few minutes, then went back to Shannon's house. She wrote and went online while I played "Civ III." Awesome game! *drools* I'd forgotten how much I love it. The history nerd in me can play that game for hours.

Soon, it was time to get ready and go to work. >_> Work was okay; I had to watch that "Win! Win! Win!" video again. xD It made me happy; I got to sit for, like, 45 minutes and get paid for it. The girl that we're working with (Kahlie or Kahle; I really don't remember xD) is really nice. :D We all got to talk and do fun stuff. There was this totally bitchy lady, though. xO I told her about the 20% coupon, and she was like "Oh, I don't have it!" So I went all the way over to customer service and grabbed her one. She didn't start checking out until past close. e_e She totally yelled at Mary T. for closing her register. Then she was complaining about the prices of the clothes she had picked out. According to her, they should have been 66% off (some of them had been ringing up at 50% off). We had to call Mary W. over so she could set all of us straight. After the lady's stuff had been rung up, we discovered that we had charged her for one more jacket than what she had. e_e So I had to go and return that. When she left, Mary T. was like "Omg, what a cunt!" She totally began cussing her out, and it turned out that the lady had went over to Mods to remove a censor that we had missed. xD Mary was like "Yeah, she probably heard me call her a whore and now she'll complain about me." I felt so badly for her.

So, after we finished work, Shannon and I went to get food, hung out at her house for a while, then went driving. We went up Borseytooth to Bellvue, which is always a good time. Except for tonight. We had been following this white car since Taft Hill, and when we turned on the road that leads up to Horsetooth, the guy pulled over to the side of the road, let us pass him, and then began following us! It was so creepy; he had his brights on and got really close to us. We were freaked out. We finally lost him right outside of Bellvue, because he just pulled over to the side of the road and sat there. Needless to say, we sped away pretty quickly.

There was this awesome lightning storm going on, though. :D We just drove around for a while, watching it. We wanted to go up Borseytooth again, but listened to our better judgement and headed back into town. We went over to my house, so I could shut my windows. xD I had bought a fan at Wal-Mart and put it in my window today. As we turned onto Lakeshore, I was all "Wow, I'm glad my house isn't on fire." xD Luckily, my fan wasn't even wet. Poor Kato had been stuck outside, though. ;-; He was not a very happy kitty. So, we got my windows closed and went back to Shannon's.

It was a pretty good day; I'm just not looking forward to work. e_e I wish I could go to James and Alex's graduation party, but I'd only be able to go for, like, 15 minutes. However, tomorrow is my "study party" with Randy. ^_~ If only it was a sexy party. Or something.


Jun. 4th, 2006 11:03 pm
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Work sucks. o_o Especially four days in a row. xD I had to work in Kid's, Intimates and teh Home Sturre today. At the end of the night, I was very tired. But I'm so happy! There's a huge Home Sturre clearance sale going on right now, and this Bed-in-a-Bag thing I want is so cheap! It was originally $260, but we're selling it for $65. And with my coupon and employee discount... I could get it for, like, $50 or less. *drools* I think I might get it, so I can have it when I move out.

But anyway... I've been feeling kind of down lately, except it's been about the two stupidest things ever. xD So I'm not even going to dignify them by writing them down here.

Waahhh, I'm really hungee. But I have no okane. That makes me sad. And summer school's been going on; that's actually been pretty fun. I actually kind of know what we're doing, so I'm able to follow along with everything. :D So I got a 9/10 on our quiz Thursday~ I am very proud of that. It's been cool, since Randy is in my class as well. So we've been talking, and we're going to bring each other anime. I'm going to try and get him into "Initial D"- another possible convert!

Anymoo, I am kind of tired of typing on here, so I think I'll type up the conclusion to my Ryousuke/Mako/Iketani story, write another one entirely, or start my homework. :3

... So hungee!


May. 20th, 2006 01:17 am
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Wheee, so these last few days have been really hectic. ^_^;

Work on Thursday was like, total sux. Mary and I were the only ones there, since they apparently merged the Better Sportswear and Moderates departments. Because of this, they actually cut positions. o_o And it was super busy, too. All Mary and I were doing was the register and helping customers, so we couldn't clean out the fitting rooms. Terri eventually had to help us, and by the end of the night we had nine full racks of clothing from the fitting rooms that we couldn't put away. >_>; And there were these people that would just not leave. xO Like, this one lady was making me help her after the store was closed. It's like "People, the lights are off! The store is closed. Go home!"

And work on Friday wasn't as stressful, but it was still pretty bad. First off, on Wednesday Foxxxy broke down at Yuki's house. >_>; So, I didn't have a ride today. My mother was all "I have places to go; get a ride with someone else!" Luckily, Kairi was nice enough to give me a ride. :D And Yuki and Darcie came to pick me up. So that was fun. I'm just tired of working in the busy clothing departments. xD; I'll be happy once I go work in shoes today.

Kairi, Nic and I also hung out tonight, which was awesome. ^_^ Kairi and I went to go get food, then pick up Nic. We went to Pulcinella's, and then to Vidiot so Nic could rent "Gungrave." Then we went back to his house and watched "The Three Muskateers." ^_^ It was very funz0, and I loved hanging out with mah Kairi! :3 I did miss Yuki, though, but since she was out to dinner with her mother, it was fine.

Oh, Terri might offer me a job in Ladies Shoes. :D I'm very excited, since I <3 working over there (even though that one lady threw a bag at me xD). If we can work it out so that I'm part-time, it would be totally awesome. Hopefully that will eventually happen.

I'll just be really happy for a break on Sunday. :D Today, too, since I get to be with Nic and mah ladies! <3 ^_^ Shannon from Intimates and I are going to see a movie on Monday, too, which should be fun. And then a Handbags shift on Tuesday, followed by Sleepover Day(!) Wednesday. And then summer school starts next Tuesday, which should be very interesting.

e_e Okay, I got to bed at 5 yesterday morning, and woke up at 7:30. I am having a sklepocidente, so it = my bedtime. Oyasumi! <3


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